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Better Than Water Delivery--Monthly Unlimited Water Service

Benefits of both systems vs. Water Delivery (Regular RO and Alkaline RO)


  • Higher Quality Water Than Bottled/Plastic Containers & Much More Eco Friendly
  • Unlimited Purified Water Supply (Use For Everything)
  • No Hassle of Delivery Coordination Or Pure Water Sitting In The Sun
  • No Heavy Lifting or Have to Carry Upstairs (A 5 gallon Container of Water Weighs About 40 LBS.
  • Zero Maintenance (Annual Service & Filter/Membrane Changes Included)
  • 5-Stage RO Installed at Kitchen Sink Including Matching Faucet
  • Great For Renters! We can move system when you move and plug hole where faucet was or leave faucet for next occupant
  • Can Be Hooked Into Hot/Cold Water Dispenser or Fridge **

 **Addition set-up fee of $49-$99 if you want the reverse osmosis system plumbed into your fridge, ice maker or water dispenser. The water line must already be available under the sink.**

Early termination prior to 18 months will be prorated at $25 per month. E.g. Cancel at month 12 you would only pay for last 6 months of contract or 6 x $25 = $150

RO FIlter Change Schedule

2-Pack Annual Filter's Change Annually For Alkaline RO
3-Pack Annual Filter's-Change Annually
Post/Polishing Filter-Every 2 Years
(Top Filter)
Alkaline Filter-Every 2-3 Years
3rd or iline sump


GRO 50 GPD Membrane-Every 3-5 Years
GRO 75 GPD Membrane-Every 3-5 Years
Generic 75 GPD Membrane-Every 3-5 Years
Generic 50 GPD Membrane-Every 3-5 Years

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Whole Home Systems

  • Water Softening
  • Water Conditioning (No Salt Systems)
  • Anti-Scale Systems
  • Catalytic Carbon Purification
  • Hybrid Carbon/Softening System

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